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Does your child struggle to read?

How to Instill a Lifelong

Love of Reading in Your Child

Your intentions were good.

You have books all around the house.

You take time to read each day with your child.


...your child throws a fit and refuses to open a book, complains about doing his reading homework, and avoids reading at all costs.

Like most busy moms, the plan to read becomes one more thing on an ever-growing to-do list.

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. Fighting with your child to read should not be a part of that to-do list, yet this resistance is quite normal for struggling readers, and there’s really one simple reason why:

Reading is hard. It is a complex process requiring many strategies and different processes to come together.

And in order to help your child with reading, you need someone who is qualified. It’s difficult, and you are their mom, not their reading teacher… and quite honestly that one reading strategy you Googled isn’t going to work.

You need targeted reading instruction based on

your child’s reading ability.

Imagine having someone help you see how all the components of reading work together, and ensure your child has the right strategies, processes, and tools in place to read!

My name is Kim, and I’m dedicated to helping your child grow as a reader.

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“We have seen a huge change in his desire to read and his reading ability.”

"We decided to seek out Kim’s help for our reluctant 7-year-old reader. After 2 months of working with her, we have seen a huge change in his desire to read and his reading ability. We often find him sitting reading alone now and he often reads signs out loud in the environment which is different than

before Kim was working with him.”

Mom of a Virtual Tutoree

I’ve worked with hundreds of kids over the years, and the process I use is the same because, just works.

I call it my Creative Tutoring Framework, and it’s a part of my 1:1 virtual tutoring program.

Targeted, research-based reading instruction based on your child's needs.

What's Included in the Program?


step one:

I review your application and read through your thoughts on your child’s reading ability to see if we are a good fit. We will have a quick 15 minute chat to answer all of your questions about 1:1 virtual tutoring.


step two:

I will assess your child over Zoom using the information you shared and my knowledge of reading. I choose assessments based on your child’s needs and they will cover reading fluency, comprehension, and writing.


step three:

I crack open MY reading books to find specific, research-based activities to review with your child based on their assessments. No two kids are alike, and therefore, will not have the same reading plan. I will use your child’s assessment in conjunction with my expertise to deliver a custom plan. I share all of this information with you, the concerned mom, and offer ways to practice the strategies while you read together.


step four:

Based on your child’s reading ability and the strategies we will review together, I send a reading toolkit to your home. This toolkit includes the books or texts they need for our time together and other tools (such as magnetic letters, Wiki sticks, a writing journal, etc.) your child will use during our sessions together.


step five:

I tutor your child over Zoom using the materials provided for one hour/week for a total of 4 sessions/month. Each session will include a follow-up report for you, busy mom, to review at your convenience.

wondering if this

program is for you?

I currently offer my Creative Tutoring Framework for many different learning types and readers, including...

beginner reader


brush up on phonics & decoding

transitional reader taylor:

focus on fluency & comprehension

reluctant reader rosie:

determine your reader's struggles

"I feel like I have a much better sense of him as a reader due to her expertise. I highly recommend her!"

"Kim communicates after each session about what they worked on, things to continue working on, and his progress. I feel like I have a much better sense of him as a reader due to her expertise. I highly recommend her!"

Mom of a virtual tutee

When we work together, you will also get:

Learn to Love to read activity ebook

Learn to Love to Read is an activity book that encourages your child to read. This activity book is divided into 4 sections based on your reader type and will help start your child on the journey to love reading. This activity eBook includes reading and writing activities, book lists, printables, and most importantly, fun with reading!


brain breaks guide

Everyone needs a break sometimes. Refocus your child’s reading with these five Literacy-Related Brain Breaks!


10-minute reading plan

Find an extra 10 minutes to read each day and put it on your calendar! These downloadable weekly schedulers and planners will walk you through my system for finding that perfect time to squeeze in a reading activity!


Is your child the next reader I get to work with?!

Let’s find out!